David Erickson, Vice President of Business Development

David joined the Erickaero team full-time as a Sales Rep in 2007. He works to help foreign suppliers establish business contacts and expand their market share in North America. David also supports Erickaero clients in a variety of ways, principally with shipment and delivery tracking, procurement of raw materials, proactive identification of problems and creative solutions, as well as the exploration and development of new sales opportunities.

David’s fluency in Spanish helps him serve as a translator and liaison to our partners in Spain as well as Central and South America. David  has a Masters degree in Hispanic Studies from Brown University, where he was previously a language instructor at the undergraduate level. David has also studied at the well-known Universidad de Salamanca in Spain, and has lived and traveled extensively throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Christina Erickson, Chief Technical Officer and Office Manager

Christina enjoys the challenge of learning about aerospace, while maintaining the corporate technology and website. She is in charge of overseeing design for marketing materials, the design and development of the Erickaero website, purchasing hardware and software for E.A. and the overall functioning of the information technology for our team.   She also manages the finance aspects of Erickson Aerospace, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Budgeting, and Financial Analysis.

Christina’s career includes twelve years in sales and marketing, managing a small business with a staff of 50 employees, and coordination of small to large events (up to 100,000 in attendance), including planning, scheduling, promoting, logistics, communications and achieving on-schedule, cost-effective performance of the event.

After transitioning to computer science, Christina worked for 5 years in the fast-paced technology sector, successfully surviving the dot-com crash, as a lead web development engineer. Her experience includes coding in numerous computer languages, project management, quality testing, authoring and editing web content, documentation and technical writing, team building, and leading a creative team as head creative designer.