Randy J. Erickson, President

Randy is founder and President of Erickson Aerospace. He has represented aerospace suppliers since 1978. With experience in many product areas, from semiconductors to proprietary systems to major aircraft structures, Randy’s breadth of knowledge of the aerospace industry is vast.

Previous to serving as aerospace manufacturer’s representative, Randy worked as management consultant for a variety of clients from private businesses to government organizations, from local to federal level. He served in Washington DC as a staff aid in the House of Representatives, and on the staff of various local and federal politicians. His responsibilities included federal aid programs, local social service programs, and hot-button issues for political campaigns.

In consulting for private companies, Randy assisted in resource re-allocations, staff training and development. In addition he advised on corporate acquisitions from identifying target purchases to completing the acquisition deals. He served as interim staff in several of these acquisition companies.

Randy trained 1978-1981 under notable local manufacturer’s reps when the foreign sources were becoming known within the Boeing community. After 3 years of experience, Randy established Erickson Aerospace in 1981. Specializing in representing foreign suppliers, Randy has become known as one of the few independent reps to introduce a wide variety of suppliers to Boeing. Special talents, knowledge, and skills are required to bridge the business cultural chasms and acclimate US customers to foreign supplier’s practices and attitudes. Randy has successfully learned to navigate the complexities of international differences, to help Erickson Aerospace’s clients achieve more success in the North American market.

With the advent of Global Sourcing and Boeing’s flow-down of procurement responsibilities to Tier 1 and 2 companies, Randy has guided Erickson Aerospace to expand its North American customer base to more than 70 customers. Erickson Aerospace currently delivers parts to over 70 customer sites across North America, covering both airframe and engine products. In addition, Erickson Aerospace has achieved sales in numerous foreign countries, although that is not our prime responsibility.

Randy serves as the guiding force and Senior Partner of Erickson Aerospace, providing insight, daily and long-term management of its sales efforts on behalf of all clients. He keeps abreast of all developments through close coordination with his staff, allowing his years of experience to facilitate quick problem-solving and follow-through on sales opportunities.

Randy Erickson, President