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Erickson Aerospace, sales representation for the International aerospace industry

Since 1978, Erickson Aerospace has helped both domestic and overseas clients implement effective business strategies to grow their business in the North American market. Whether clients are newly entering the market from Europe or Asia, or have existing business already, Erickson Aerospace has the experience and knowledge to delivery new opportunities that are both profitable and in line with the client’s strategic vision.

Accelerate Your Profit

Our longstanding commitment to providing superior sales support, customer service, troubleshooting and delivery services within the international aerospace industry. This dedication and attention to detail has accelerated our clients’ growth and profits.

Increase Your Business Opportunities

With the ever-increasing complexity in the aerospace industry, our experience and professionalism ensures the highest quality of representation available in today’s marketplace.

Develop Winning Strategies

Sales in the US market can vary greatly from those in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  With over 30 years in the aerospace industry, we can help you understand these differences and develop a winning proposal strategy and contract negotiations.

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